Timber from northen Sweden, produced in the heart of Småland

At our plant in Stockaryd, we produce around 50,000 cubic meters of wood products annually. We have a super modern planing plant built in 2019 and one of Sweden’s finest paintings for exterior covering. Here we also nail underlay shutters in fixed lengths, exactly cutted and even painted eaves. In Stockaryd we also have a splitting line, a larger adjusting plant as well as large timber stores and our head office.


Since the start in 1980, Fransson & Neij AB has been one of Sweden’s foremost wood products wholesalers with customers worldwide. The Middle East is today regarded as a domestic market, since customer relations extend over decades. But also exports to Europe have and are an important part of the company’s business strategy. We have also been producing planed timber products for Asia for some years.


After so many years as one of the leaders in wood products in the country, there is an established and long-lasting relationship with sawmills in Sweden, Norway and Finland. It secures our deliveries and our warehousing also we have a solid knowledge of different qualities as well as dimensions from the various suppliers from north to south, east to west. No sawmill is the same, and sawmills’ catching areas with timber are quite different, which requires long experience and good relations, since our purchases completely determine the properties of our end product.

Annual Production

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Planed Timber
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Painted Outer Panel
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Tongued & Grooved roofhatches

We currently supply large volumes to Swedish construction industry and have chain agreements with several of the largest builders’ merchant chains. With our location in the heart of Swedish wooden house industry, it is also an obvious customer category.